Is simple YET POWERFUL... 

Bring the Saints marching back into people's homes 

while raising money for charitable causes.

A Letter From Fr Dom

A Letter From Father Dom

Dear Friend,

Growing up Italian Catholic in the 1950’s, I never felt alone. Every Catholic Church that I went to convinced me that I was part of a huge family not only in this world but also in the next. In fact, everywhere I looked in a Catholic Church, someone was looking back at me. I never felt alone as I could see that I was surrounded by angels and saints. There were saints in the stained glass windows, angels painted on the ceiling, and statues standing watch.

Some of you grew up in homes just like those old Catholic Churches. I still live in the house my grandparents moved into in the early 1900’s. And yes, everywhere you look… there’s someone looking back at you. St. Anthony is in the hallway (in case you lose your keys), St. Joseph and St. Rocco guard the kitchen, there is a crucifix in every bedroom, St. Francis of Assisi is out in the garden and so is Mary. Many of you from other faith backgrounds grew up with a cross on the wall and the Bible on a nightstand.  They remind you as well that our real home is in heaven and we are called to be God's messengers in our time here on earth.  Somehow as the next generation moved to the suburbs and left the old immigrant neighborhoods, some of the saints got left behind. So by bringing our saintly wines into your house we hope that they bring you home to your Catholic roots. Sometimes we forget that the saints were not always on pedestals. They were ordinary people, like you and me, who were able to do great things with their lives because they responded to the grace of God. Hey, that’s good news for you and me. Someone once said….the only difference between a saint and a sinner is that a saint is just an old sinner who keeps on trying. Keep on trying.

God bless you,

- Father  Dom



Great Wine on a Mission


Our Cause

 Holy Spirits, LLC is a for profit company with a non-profit mission...  Inspired by Paul Newman's company Newman's Own.  A portion of proceeds from Holy Spirits goes to a GREAT cause...  The Next Step, which is a non-profit organization born from Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang camps.


Next Step is an organization that provides counseling, mentoring and support to young adults who have recently been diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  You can learn more about Next Step and it's mission by visiting their website: